CRS’ Provash Budden: Compassion is his Career

Compassion is his career: Provash Budden brings help to disaster-stricken areas of world

By Cliff Newell
The Lake Oswego Review, Oct 4, 2007

When Provash Budden comes home to visit in Lake Oswego he likes to catch up with family and friends, indulge in a few fine microbrews, ski, raft, and ride his bike.


Provash Budden. Photo by CRS staff

In short, enjoy Oregon in the summertime.

Then he goes back to saving the world. Or at least as much as he can.

When something goes wrong in the world – war, tsunami, earthquake – Budden, as a project officer for Catholic Relief Services, makes it his business to show up and make things better – overseeing the construction of new homes, water systems, health programs, and restoring community businesses.

“It’s pretty engaging and challenging,” said Budden, whose parents still live in Lake Oswego.

“There are a lot of challenges, excitement and good fun. Most of all I get to help people suffering from natural disasters.”

Budden’s most recent mercy excursion was to Meulaboh, Aceh on the west coast of the island of Sumatra, site of the worst devastation of the massive tsunami of December 2004, which killed more than 200,000 people.

As director of the CRS program at Meulaboh, Budden had all of the challenges he could possibly want in a massive reconstruction effort that included rebuilding 100,000 homes.

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