CRS Project Manager Omar Shaban Reports from Gaza

Omar Shaban

Omar Shaban is CRS project manager in Gaza. Nicknamed “Mayor of Gaza” by friends and colleagues, Omar joined CRS in 2001. Photo by Kat Burnside/CRS

We spoke by phone this morning with CRS Gaza project manager Omar Shaban, who at the moment is living outside Gaza City.

We called to see how he and his family are faring following the recent bombings.

First, Omar assured us his family is doing well under the circumstances. They’re in a rural area outside Gaza City and, so far, removed from areas being targeted for bombing.

In the coming days and weeks, a chief concern for Omar and other CRS staff will be how to get aid to people who most need it. There’s no question the need will be great given what Omar has seen since Gaza bombings began Saturday.

Omar said he’d gone out earlier in the day and found shops and banks closed. He said Gazans lack basic food supplies such as flour and cooking oil. Power is unavailable in many areas, so even with supplies, cooking can be difficult to impossible.

Omar asked us to please “say ‘hi’ to everyone in Baltimore and the U.S.” Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his wife Sohair and their two sons Salam and Nour.

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2 Responses to “CRS Project Manager Omar Shaban Reports from Gaza”

  1. Emmanuel Kasiya Says:

    I have lived in a peaceful country for the whole of my life where we have no experience of war. I thank God for that. However, I feel so indebted when I think about how much I take that for granted. I see pictures of little children in Gaza dying.It is so pathetic.
    I am so previledged to belong to the family of CRS.I wish fellow staff in Gaza Peace and Love. May they feel proud and fulfilled to assist those who need their help. We keep all of you in our prayers too.

  2. Carla Passarello Says:

    During a visit to the Holy Land a couple of years ago I was moved with compassion by the suffering of the Palestinian people living in sometimes squalid conditions and facing the everyday hardship of restricted movement and overcrowding. I cannot watch the news reports without crying when I see the devastation wrought by this conflict. I will continue to support CRS and urge even greater attention to this sacred part of the world.

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