CRS Partners Respond to Burst Dam in Indonesia

Indonesia flooding

The rubble of a destroyed house is seen after a dam burst on the outskirts of Jakarta. A burst dam unleashed a wall of water on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital. Photo by Reuters/Dadang Tri, courtesy

With help from CRS, Jakarta residents whose homes were washed away when a dam burst are getting blankets, clothes, and tarps. On Thursday March 26, heavy rains hit the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and surrounding areas. A major dam burst, and the resulting flood claimed the lives of over 80 people; over one hundred more people are still reported missing. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed or flooded, and families are living in temporary shelters.

CRS’ local partners are distributing aid to affected families. “CRS had already prepositioned items like blankets and tarps for emergency responses,” says Richard Balmadier, Country Representative for CRS Indonesia. “So our partners have been able to swing into action quickly.” CRS partner Yayasan Ibu (“Mothers’ Foundation”) has given out 200 sarongs, 270 blankets and 20 tarps. The sarongs are used as clothing, and the tarps are used to create makeshift tents. CRS has also provided the diocese of Jakarta with 270 sarongs and 200 blankets to support their response.

CRS information officer Laura Sheahen sent this report.

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