CRS Partners Prepare for Cyclone in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh — Emergency field staff, community based organizations and volunteers with Caritas Bangladesh, a Catholic Relief Services partner, are mobilizing communities with loud hailers to warn them of the maximum alert (level 10) designated for the incoming cyclone, and to move them into safe shelters before its anticipated arrival tomorrow.

From the head office in Dhaka, CRS partners are in constant contact with regional field staff in the areas threatened by the cyclone regarding disaster preparedness measures — a type of programming implemented throughout the year specifically for such emergencies. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has issued a warning putting the low-lying country’s three major maritime ports — Chittagong, Mongla and Cox’s Bazar — on the highest alert.

CRS has supported emergency and long-term development programs in Bangladesh since 1971. Given the country’s vulnerability to disasters, much of CRS programming focuses on disaster preparedness.

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  1. Da Sia Says:

    CRS Fight against disaster throuth the wold show to the whole wold that only “Solidarity will transform the wold” positively.

    Thery thank

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