CRS Mourns the Loss of Juan De Dios Molina

Juan Molina

CRS staffer Juan De Dios Molina worked in Nicaragua in the ACORDAR project. Photo by CRS staff

Catholic Relief Services, and the Office of CRS — Nicaragua, mourns the loss of Juan de Dios Molina, who died of a heart attack in September. Juan worked in the ACORDAR project since April of 2010 as a technical expert in production and commercialization. He was a humble, capable professional and friend.

An agronomist with a masters in integrated pest control, with emphasis in entomology, expert in vegetables production, he had accumulated over 20 years of work in the field of agriculture in Nicaragua.

Juan held several positions in institutions and associations of national prestige such as: researcher in integrated pest control for the Institute of Agricultural and Livestock Technology; food safety, effective agricultural and processing practices for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry at the University of Texas; regional coordinator of 24 institutions within Integrated Pest Control in Matagalpa and Jinotega, among others.

With CRS Juan served as technical adviser of production and marketing for the ACORDAR project, advising cooperatives and associations of producers in these topics.

Juan taught at various universities in the country and worked with many young students, supporting them in their required theses for their degrees.

Thank you Juan de Dios for the time and knowledge you shared with your colleagues at CRS – Nicaragua. May God our Father welcome you into his Kingdom.

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