CRS Joins Archbishop Lori in Prayers for Shooting Victims

Catholic Relief Services, which is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, would like to add our prayers to that of Archbishop William E. Lori, the Archbishop of Baltimore, for the victims of the Sandy Hook, CT, shooting. Archbishop Lori issued the following statement from Rome upon learning of the December 14 tragedy in Sandy Hook, which is located in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

“I am profoundly saddened by this terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the parents who lost their children and to a grieving community. I will continue to pray for all those affected by this unspeakable tragedy and I remember in a special way St. Rose of Lima Parish which I visited so often and remember with deep love and respect.”

Archbishop Lori served as Bishop of Bridgeport from 2001-2011.

Our prayers are also with Baltimore native Msgr. Robert E. Weiss and his Sandy Hook parish, St. Rose of Lima, as they continue to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the community during this difficult time.

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