CRS Dedicates Its New World Headquarters

CRS World Headquarters - Back view
Shale Stiller, president of the Weinberg Foundation, which owns the building housing the CRS World Headquarters, speaks during the dedication ceremony. Photos by Jim Stipe/CRS.

Religious leaders, civic dignitaries, representatives of the business community and friends of CRS gathered Wednesday to officially dedicate the new CRS World Headquarters in Baltimore.

CRS President Ken Hackett welcomed Cardinal William Keeler, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, Rep. John Sarbanes and more than 50 other guests. He spoke about how this new home for CRS will promote interaction between staff that is so critical in carrying out our mission — which presented an interesting design challenge.

This challenge meant we had to create an environment where teams of people instantly interact with one another in new ways. When a hurricane hits Honduras, we swing into action. Our folks here in Baltimore — our finance department, our operations department, our security unit, our media unit, our purchasing folks, our U.S. Operations people, our fundraising people — they all have to provide immediate support to our Emergency Unit and our programs in the field overseas. Each episode is an exercise in teamwork that would make the Super Bowl champions jealous of the timing, precision and dedication to assignments.

After remarks from the dignitaries, Cardinal Keeler blessed the building. Guests were led on tours, which included the chapel, the open office environment, and a state-of-the-art “situation room” where CRS staff in Baltimore can be connected with our people in the field — anywhere in the world.

The dedication received some media coverage, including WJZ-TV and the front page of the Baltimore Examiner.

Here are some additional photos of the event.

CRS Building Opening - Dixon
Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon attended the dedication ceremony on the day after her primary election victory. She praised the work of CRS and commended us for relocating in the key Westside redevelopment area.

CRS World Headquarters - Keeler
After some brief remarks, Cardinal William Keeler blessed the building — and the guests — with holy water.

CRS HQ Dedication _ Overview
CRS staff viewed the dedication ceremony from the atrium stairwell and from the upper floors of the building.

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