CRS CEO Carolyn Woo on Pope’s Resignation

From CRS Newswire

Citing health reasons, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation today. “I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” he said.

Carolyn Woo, president & CEO of Catholic Relief Services, released this statement upon learning that the pope will leave office on Feb. 28:

“We give thanks to God for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVI. I was blessed to meet the Holy Father just a few weeks ago, and I was overwhelmed with how he radiated the love of God. He has been an inspiration to Catholic Relief Services, especially in how he has repeatedly stressed that our faith is inextricably linked to charity and social justice, which he expressed so eloquently in his encyclicals and most recently in his letter marking the season of Lent that we begin observing this week.”

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4 Responses to “CRS CEO Carolyn Woo on Pope’s Resignation”

  1. margaret pelz Says:

    Does CRS cover the Middle East like Syria. Do you have a map of the countries where CRS is established. Thank you

  2. carl D. Says:

    I worry for his health.
    I worry for his brain.
    What affliction – has he?

  3. Edward Hoyt Says:

    Hi, Ms. Pelz.

    CRS looks for God’s children wherever we see the need. Our mission is to serve people according to need, not according to creed. And need is certainly acute for Syrians. Please pray for them.

    While the permission of local governments and the safety of our staff are crucial factors in where we are able serve, we serve where we are able. We’ve had a long relationship with Syrians and are today ministering to the many refugees from that country’s brutal civil war:

    Mr. Pelz, while we’re no more privy to Pope Emertus Benedict XVI’s health than the next Catholic we certainly encourage prayers for him as well.

  4. Edward Hoyt Says:

    You can additionally see a map representing where CRS is currently operating here:

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