CRS Celebrates 50 Years in Honduras

It is our distinct honor to announce that 2009 marks CRS’ 50th year of service to the poor and needy in Honduras. To commemorate this special occasion in CRS history and to acknowledge the support of Caritas, our partners, the Honduran government, and our beneficiaries, our colleagues in Honduras will be celebrating mass with Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez today and having a reception in Tegucigalpa, the nation’s capital.

CRS started its work in Honduras in 1959 with a rural food distribution project. Over the next two decades we added agriculture, health, and water and sanitation programs.

In the 1980s, CRS Honduras assisted refugees fleeing the civil war in neighboring El Salvador and created long-term development programs in the neediest communities. Our assistance in the 1990s culminated with the CRS and Caritas Honduras response to Hurricane Mitch, one of the greatest natural disasters ever to hit Central America. Over the last decade we concentrated on our core strengths of rural development projects in health, education, agriculture, and water and sanitation.

At present we work with and through Caritas and our local partners in seven Departments throughout the country, helping over 75,000 people to improve the quality of their lives. The changing economic, social, and political landscape in Honduras in the coming years will challenge us to be responsive to the needs of the poor in new and innovative ways. We look forward to those challenges and are grateful to all of you who have made our journey in Honduras such a rewarding experience.

A story in the El Heraldo (in Spanish) announced CRS’ 50th anniversary in Honduras.

Congratulations to our colleagues and partners in Honduras and thanks to all of our donors here in the US who have made all of this work a reality.

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