CRS Aids Flood Victims in South India

As a series of natural disasters continues to pummel Asia, CRS is helping impoverished victims of severe flooding that hit south India on October 2 and only receded several days later.

“I’ve never seen a tidal wave, but this is the kind of damage I imagine a tidal wave would look like,” says CRS’ Katherine Cunliffe of the damage in Andhra Pradesh. “Flood waters rose up to 14 feet in some areas. Houses have been destroyed and there is mud and silt everywhere.”

Cunliffe is part of a CRS team coordinating aid to the survivors. “As always, it is the lowest castes who are most affected,” she says. “They live near the lower banks of rivers in the area.”

Estimates are that nearly 260,000 houses have been partially or completely damaged from the floods. From what had been an extremely fruitful farming season, almost all of the standing crop was washed away.

CRS is distributing food like rice and dhal, as well as shelter materials like tarps and rope, to over 10,000 families in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as we prepare to reach out to even more people affected by this massive flooding.

– Laura Sheahen, CRS regional information officer for Asia and the Pacific Rim

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  1. Steve Wells Says:

    We awoke in Minnesota to a couple of inches of unusually early snow. And we grumbled at the chill and the inconvenience. As always, it only takes a moment to be reminded of the appallingly stark contrast between such minor irritations and the catastrophic conditions affecting so many throughout the world. Against that backdrop, it is a real point of pride, respect and admiration to know some of our fellow Americans (among others) who use their education, resourcefulness and energy to help those facing such hostile conditions. You could be pursuing more lucrative and far more comfortable careers. Yet, there you are, doing what needs to be done, doing all you can do with the resources available, at personal risk; and reflecting so much credit on yourself, your country and those role models who raised you with such extraordinary personal values and commitment. And for that you have not only our admiration, but heartfelt gratitude.

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