Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Congress Heard Us, But Will They Act?

We’re back from the 2013 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, DC and it was a huge success! Hundreds of Church social ministry leaders came together to connect, find out more about key domestic and global poverty issues, pray together to renew our spirit and vision for mission, and advocate for policies that protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters. Our Church’s message was delivered to more than 240 congressional offices during the Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

While our spirits are still soaring from our successful Gathering, the prospects for Congress to deal with the looming automatic across the board spending cuts-also known as sequestration-are gloomy.  There is little time left before the March 1 deadline for Congress to act.  As you know these cuts will mean life or death for millions of our brothers and sisters who are poor and vulnerable.

We can avoid these cuts though. They’re not inevitable. Congress can replace sequestration with a balanced and thoughtful alternative that eliminates unnecessary spending, addresses the long-term costs of health care, and raises adequate revenues. Our Church leaders have reiterated time and time again that we cannot balance our budget on the backs of people who are poor and already suffering. Please take this last chance to raise your voice one more time and let your Members of Congress know that careless cuts will cost lives!

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