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Congo Crisis: Personal Connections

Sherelyn and Jerry Ernst are parishioners at Saint Camillus. Jerry is the driving engine behind this delegation. He’s an unassuming man, soft-spoken and humble. But he keeps everybody on task and on time. He’s really well-organized and driven by what he knows is happening to women in the DRC.

Sherelyn and Jerry also have a personal connection to the DRC. They’ve never actually been there but their 23-year-old daughter, Amy, is living in the DRC as a volunteer. Amy is studying psychology and is currently staying with the Crosier Fathers in their motherhouse in Mulo, a small village in northeastern Congo. She’s working with rape victims and doing research about what is happening to the women in the Eastern DRC. She wants to publicize what she’s witnessing and let others, like her parents in the United States, know how they can be helpful.

Watch Sherelyn, Amy’s mother, describe what motivates her to advocate in support of H.R.4128 and S.891. Her husband Jerry follows with a note on the effect of rape on communities.

Tina Rodousakis, CRS Grassroots Advocacy Manager

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