Closed Roads Cut Supply Lines in Haiti

A CRS staffer is quoted in this NPR story posted Friday, 9.12. Here’s a quote from the story:

“We got rice, bread, peanut butter, beans,” says Bill Canny, the country representative for Catholic Relief Services. “So it’s a packet to sustain a family of five for 15 days. We have trouble getting these to Gonaives — the roads have been closed. But there are plenty of places affected and we are getting it to other parts of the country that are equally suffering from the effects of the hurricanes.”

The NPR story also notes: “Catholic Relief Services first came to Haiti in response to Hurricane Hazel in 1954. It has grown into one of the largest aid agencies in the country.”

Along with photos, NPR’s Haiti piece includes a podcast featuring interviews with Haitians and Bill Canny who talks about preparing food supplies.

This Times Now story places the Haiti death toll at 326, and down further in the story a government source suggests the count may be closer to 500.

“Every home is a shelter right now.” That quote from an AP story on the plight of Haitians who lost their homes to the succession of storms that blasted the country over the past month.

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