Church Building Destroyed by Haiti Earthquake

Haiti church

A cross stands amid the ruins of the Eglise Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church), in downtown Port au Prince, Haiti. Photo by Lane Hartill/CRS

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14 Responses to “Church Building Destroyed by Haiti Earthquake”

  1. AnnetteAP Says:

    Sign that hope prevails.

  2. Peki Says:

    amazing… Let the all earth know who’s the Lord…

  3. Sally Scuderi Says:

    “I am with you, always with you, and I will never leave you.”

  4. Jeannie Says:

    The Love that hung from the Cross for me is to be shared; in tragedy it becomes sacrosanct.

  5. Pairx2 Says:

    Just like at the World Trade Center after 9/11. Remember the steel cross that remained despite the total destruction surrounding it?

  6. Suzanne Beneteau Says:

    This is so hard to see!
    I have been to Haiti 8 times since 1999 on mission trips. We visited this church a few times. It was such a beautiful church and a landmark in PauP.
    God bless Haiti!

  7. Haiti Earthquake On Tape | AXI Says:

    […] Church Building Destroyed By Haiti Earthquake | Voices Of CRSA cross stands amid the ruins of the Eglise Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church), in downtown… […]

  8. Pamella Govender Says:

    Just as this cross stood through the destruction, so to the Love of God always abound. No matter what we go through God is sovereign. May God bless the people of Haiti and remember the world prays for you. I pray that you acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ and declare him Lord over your lives.

    Pamella Govender (South Africa)

  9. Leilani Says:

    This definately gives something to think about. For all the people that don’t believe..this is it. This shows that God NEVER abandons his people. It doesn’t matter if you feel lonely and lost in the world, just think about Him and pray. Let us all pray for Haiti.

    Tengamos amor y carino en nuestros corazones y demos,ayudemos,oremos.

  10. Highly Favoured Says:

    He is still there for us despite what happens and shows that Jesus will be here forever. It also shows who is in control.

  11. katleho matoba Says:

    I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord to the Haiti people.Jer29:11.God will raise and restore seven times that which the enemy has stolen.I love you all the Haiti people.

  12. redeemer Says:


  13. Lupe Pierson Says:

    I want to clarify; a cross is different from a crucifix. This is a CRUCIFIX, WHICH MEANS JESUS CRUCIFIED ON A WOODEN CROSS. The meaning for me is the POWER of the cross that He carried on his shoulder and His love for us to be nailed on that cross for love saved the Haitians. And belonging the Crucifix to a a church named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus is very significant. From His heart flood his precious blood which cleanse us from our sins and with the strenght of His cross pulled us to himself, on that day, HUMANITY REDEMPTIOM for ever and ever. Many people of Haiti were cleanse from their vodoos and wicht crafts etc. Yes, the compassion of our GOD has no boundries and His Mercy is an ocean for His children to come to.

    Thank you for setting up this website.
    May The Lord keep blessing Haiti and protecting his citizens.

    Lupe Pierson, sfo

  14. M. Ubandoma Says:

    The cross is left to prove that it was church destroyed

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