Chocolate Links Girls School, Women Farmers

We spoke with Holy Names Academy’s vice president, Kim Mendez Dawson, the day the truckload of Divine candy bars arrived at the school.

Not only were students at this Seattle-based school excited about the upcoming candy fundraiser, it was their choice of fair trade chocolate that had them cheering from their seats. Divine Chocolate gives farmers in Ghana a healthier profit from their cocoa yields.

By selling Divine Chocolates, Dawson says, her students also made an impact on the lives of women, who comprise a sizeable percentage of the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa growers’ cooperative. The cooperative owns half of Divine Chocolates and women are encouraged to take part in the group’s decision making.

“As a girls school you are privileged and blessed. It doesn’t happen to everyone,” Dawson says. “To help change women’s lives is incredible.”

To order Divine chocolate or learn more about CRS’ fair trade program, go to CRS’ Fair Trade site.

– Kai Hill

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