Children Fall Prey to Human Trafficking

“The Human Trafficking in Persons in the Americas,” conference being held at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington D.C. is in its third and final day. The first session focused on trafficking of children in India, Honduras and the United States. Here are a few stats from the information this morning:

*One-fifth of all the children in the world live in India.

*In India, 35 million of 440 million children are involved in child labor, and half of children who work are forced to work 7 days a week. Many work long hours under unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

*Every day 200 girls and women enter prostitution in India, 160 of them against their will.

*In Honduras, an estimated 500,000 children experience labor exploitation.

*Honduran children are trafficked across great distances – cases have been identified in Vancouver, Houston and New Jersey.

*In the U.S., children who are victims of sex trafficking are sometimes mis-identified as victims of labor trafficking.

*For children trafficked to the U.S., attempts are made to reunite them with their families either in their home country or in the United States.

– Jennifer Hardy, CRS communications coordinator

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