Cell Phone Donations for Haiti

To donate to CRS via your cell phone, please text RELIEF to 30644 and follow the instructions.

How it works: After texting, you’ll get a text message reply asking you to call a number where you’ll will hear a brief message from Ken Hackett. Then you will be automatically connected to our call center where you can make a credit card donation.

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3 Responses to “Cell Phone Donations for Haiti”

  1. Jackson Maina Says:

    Let us all respond by donating something to help Haiti. Every dollar counts. If 1/10 of the US population donates $10 each, that will send $300 million to Haiti. ACT NOW, DON’T JUST WATCH AND FEEL SORRY, DONATE!

  2. Bob Zbonski Says:

    I am Catholic. I am a retired operations manager 54 years old. I speak some spanish. I bring medical supplies to Cuba every spring. I am a pilot with 35 years experience in trucking/trasportation/logistics. How may I join you in Haiti to help? Can I best fly first to the Dominican Republic? I may be of considerable help with these qualifications?

  3. Mike Says:

    Thank you Bob. Maybe you can call CRS or e-mail them.

    Good luck.

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