Catholic Church Hospital and Health Care Statistics

From an annual report published in Agenzia Fides, the Church’s missionary news service:

Catholic charity and healthcare centres
The Church runs 5,378 hospitals most of them in America (1,669) and Europe (1,363); 18,088 dispensaries mainly in America (5,663), Africa (5,373) and Asia (3,532); 521 Care Homes for people with Leprosy mainly in Asia (293) and Africa (186); 15,448 Homes for the elderly, or the chronically ill or people with a disability  mainly in Europe (8,271) and America (3,839); 9,376 orphanages, about one third in Asia (3,376); 11,555 creches ; 13,599 marriage counselling centres mainly in Europe (5,919) and America (4,827); 33.146 social rehabilitation centres and 10,356 other kinds of institutions.

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