Caritas Gets Aid to Chile’s Quake Survivors

From our friend Patrick Nicholson, Caritas communications officer.

A clearer picture of the damage caused by a massive earthquake in Chile is emerging as communications links with affected areas become established. Eight out of 27 dioceses were affected by the quake. The office of the local Caritas in Concepción was destroyed. Staff are safe and continue to work out of the bishop’s house. The national office of Caritas Chile was partly damaged but remains operational.

Caritas in Concepción is running a three site receiving aid and delivering them directly to people in need. Aid distribution are on a small scale so far, but over a thousand people have received food.

Help begins on a larger scale Thursday with 20 trucks leaving Santiago in the afternoon for Concepción. The trucks carry 15 tonnes of food kits. These include 800 grams of powdered milk, 1 litre oil, 1 kg sugar,1 kg salt, 2 boxes of tea,1 kg rice, 2 cans of tuna. Caritas is also distributing hygiene items.

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