Cabrini Students Experience Hunger Firsthand

Hearing stories of hunger, starvation, the need for water supply and poverty are very emotional. Even though a picture is worth a million words, the truth is never captured by text in comparison to gaining the experience first hand.

Catholic Relief Services student ambassadors on campus began planning the first annual Food Fast Retreat six months ago and on Sunday, April 29, their dreams were put into action. The ambassadors began planning this event because they wanted to bring awareness to the many people in the United States and globally who suffer from food insecurity.

“The purpose of the Food Fast Retreat was to live in solidarity with the many around the world that go hungry each day,” Kelsey Kastrava, vice president of CRS Ambassadors, said.

The 14 students and three faculty who participated spent 10 hours fasting, interacting in case-study scenarios and then reflecting, in order to put themselves in the shoes of the many who go hungry daily.

Read more about their experience.

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