Brazil Flood: Worst in Region in Decades

Brazil flood

A bicyclist slogs through food waters following rains that displaced more than 400,000 in northern Brazil. Photo courtesy of Caritas Brazil

The northern Brazil town of Codó was recently inundated with torrential rains and severe flooding. Catholic Relief Services is providing at least 4,000 families with essential hygiene supplies.

Brazil flood

Residents of flooded towns pitched in to help neighbors. Some used their vehicles to help transport fellow flood victims and their possessions to safety. Photo courtesy of Caritas Brazil

Floodwaters and landslides have damaged and destroyed homes––largely made from wood and adobe.

Holly Inurreta, CRS’ regional technical advisor for emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, visited flood zones and shelters last week. She says this was the worst flood disaster to hit Codó and surrounding towns in over two decades. Approximately 410,000 people were left displaced across the region. Inurreta explains that these towns are normally drier but climate changes over the past three to four years have made weather patterns less predictable. “We’ve seen increased flooding but this year has been particularly bad. This is beyond the norm,” she says.

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