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Asia Storms: Poor Need Our Help to Adapt to Climate Change

Reflections from the interfaith press conference yesterday

At last, the needs of the global poor affected by climate change are getting some attention!  Yesterday, I was part of a press conference of inter-faith leaders discussing the effects of climate change on poor and vulnerable people around the world.  We focused on how we can help poor people adapt to climate change’s effects.  Lots of media joined in, which was great.  You can read some of the press coverage at CBS News and InterPress Service.

The basic message that Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish leaders all communicated was that climate change legislation needs to do more to help the world’s poorest adapt to the effects of climate change, a problem they—poor people—did not create.

The press conference allowed me to talk about how CRS’ field offices and local partners already see how climate change is stirring up more frequent and violent storms—many of my colleagues at CRS have spent the last few weeks organizing the response to the latest round of cyclones in Asia—and altering rainfall patterns critical to agriculture in Africa. We already have developed a lot of experience responding to these challenges and along with a host of faith-based and secular groups can do a lot more with additional resources.

You don’t have to be on a press conference to raise your voice about this issue. Visit the Catholics Confront Global Poverty website and take action now.

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