An Extended Reach

In remote areas of Cambodia, CRS provides a wide range of support and treatment for people living with HIV. Village Health Volunteer, Chek Tep, (above) brings HIV awareness and medical care to remote areas of northwest Cambodia, where residents have limited access to faraway medical facilities. As part of the program, volunteers are trained by

CRS’ partner agency Action for Health Development in a range of basic health care practices and HIV treatment. Tep is able to travel to remote areas to deliver medicines and information on infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis or TB.

In Cambodia, just below one percent of the population is living with HIV. CRS and its local partners provide a range of services including restoring health and livelihoods and providing care and support to orphans and vulnerable children and their caretakers. Such efforts are the bedrock of community care for people living with HIV in the developing world. Photo by David Snyder for CRS. 

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