Aid for Flood Victims in Ghana

Over 2,000 adults and children have been displaced in central Ghana following incessant rainfall that caused the Offin River to overflow its banks. The flooding, which began around June 27, inundated 17 communities in the lowland areas of the Dunkwa Municipality. Approximately 150 homes were destroyed.

Catholic Relief Services has provided the Archdiocese of Cape Coast with food, cooking oil, soap, water containers and mosquito nets for flood-stricken families in Dunkwa.

Large groups of displaced families have sought refuge in abandoned buildings, Church missions and closed schools.

Ghana hospital

Outside the municipal hospital in the Dunkwa Municipality. As a result of the Offin River flood a total of 17 communities have been affected in the lowland areas of Dunkwa Municipality. Photo by CRS staff

– Kai Hill, CRS associate web producer

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