Africa Visit: Long-time Dream Come True

Carla E. Aguilar is a CRS staff member based in San Antonio, TX. She is accompanying a group of 12 to Ghana and Burkina Faso on the first ever Hispanic Ministry leadership delegation immersion trip. We’re expecting to hear more from her (as Internet connections allow) during and after her trip. The post below was written before Ghana was eliminated from World Cup competition.

I’m in Africa! Someone please pinch me because I can’t believe this is real. The group and I got here this morning and we were warmly greeted by the Ghanians who were quick to say “Welcome to Ghana, we are sorry we beat you.”

The U.S. vs. Ghana game was a painful one to watch, but now that I am in the country, I plan on cheering their team on.

The World Cup fever is alive and well in Ghana. The airport was covered with soccer field rugs. We just go to Ouagadougu and we are settling into our rooms. I’m writing my first blog under a mosquito net. A pleasant reminder of malaria.

My first impressions of Burkina Faso is that the landscape is fairly similar to that of Arizona. There is red rock everywhere. On the ground there are lots of people in motorcycles and people wearing President Obama shirts.

My first impressions of the group that I am traveling with is that we are all very diverse. We have representatives from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and Uruguay. It’s been interesting traveling with a bunch of Latinos. We are all lively and excited about this journey.

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