Africa Delegation: Building Bonds

In early September, a delegation of diocesan leaders from across the United States, visited Ethiopia and Tanzania to get a first-hand look at CRS work. The following is a pre-visit reflection by Dianne Hanley, associate director, Parish Social Ministry, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Baton Rouge.

After a wonderful overview of many of the CRS programs, Joan Rosanhauer, executive vice president of U.S. Operations for CRS, helped to bring it all together. She reminded us that our goal is to engage our brothers and sisters in Christ to live out their Catholic faith through solidarity with our siblings around the world.

Beginning with prayer and moving to charity, the stronger the bond that grows through relationships that are nourished, the stronger our response. We begin to want a sustainable response. We begin to want to work with our new found brothers and sisters, rather than for them.

And as we see the obstacles that keep our siblings in poverty, the policies that block sustainable growth, we begin to speak out through advocacy. Today our group heard all the ways that we can work with CRS to respond to the needs of our siblings around the world, ways that match where we are in our relationship with one another.

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