Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Advocate Urges Sparing Aid for Poor

From the Tulsa World’s editorial page:

By Martha J. Wyatt

I lived in San Francisco in 1989 and experienced the Loma Prieta earthquake. Feeling my home here in Tulsa rattle and shake, I was again reminded of how a natural disaster brings a community together to repair the damage to structures and psyches.

In September, I was a member of an advocacy group sponsored by Catholic Relief Services that traveled to Kenya and saw first hand the positive work our shared foreign development aid was doing to alleviate another natural disaster – drought. Near the Dadaab refugee camp, I saw for myself that digging wells, providing agricultural access for good crops, working with communities literally to grow their own futures will impact directly our own good here.

Read the full letter to the editor in the Tulsa World.

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