Advent Reflection, Week 4, Day 5

Serbia peace

Praying for peace in Serbia. Photo by Bill Crandall for CRS

Today’s Readings

All works of love are works of peace.
-Mother Teresa

Reflect: Throughout the world, we participate in Christmas traditions that convey peace, hope and love. Many of us celebrate the holidays by sharing meals with family and friends during the holidays–a gathering of peace. We sing carols with lyrics that invite us to pray for peace throughout the world. Today and tomorrow, our mealtimes will be eaten in solidarity with one another. Catholics worldwide will nourish our bodies with food and our souls with the Holy Eucharist; such unity is an image of peace. Let us dwell in peacefulness today as we prepare for Jesus tomorrow.

Pray: God, you reveal the power of your love through our faith. Help us be attentive to the signs of your presence and remain joyful in the promise of your Son’s birth. Amen.

Act: Listen to Pope Benedict’s Christmas blessing on the Vatican Youtube channel:

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