Advent Reflection, Week 3, Day 7

Kenya Waterfall

Evidence of God’s presence in Kenya. Photo by Kim Burgo/CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Our world is a striking recipe of the human and natural made. All of us have material possessions that are important to us, from the simple and inexpensive to the extravagant and costly. When we think of what is truly important to us, most of us can separate our material wants from emotional needs. As we go about our day, let us reflect on the material things around us and contrast our possessions to those of someone living in poverty. Let our reflection not only be a reminder of the world’s inequities, but also of humanity’s common needs.

Pray: Lord, you satisfy my hungry heart. I will honor you through my commitment to and care of others, whether they be my family or a stranger. Amen.

Act: For the remainder of Advent, perform an everyday act of kindness such as letting someone go ahead of you in a line; filling up a parking meter, giving an unexpected compliment; sending a handwritten holiday card to a new friend.

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