Advent Reflection, Week 3, Day 1

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Today we celebrate Gaudete Sunday and we light the third, pink candle on the Advent wreath: a candle that symbolizes anticipation and hope. This week, we reflect on refugees and migrants, those who must leave their homes and make anew in an unfamiliar place. Transient situations in our lives can be unsettling and intimidating. Can you truly image having to leave your home, moving to a place where you may not be able to speak the language, and where the culture, food and money differ? Today, reflect on those who are strangers in a new homeland.

Pray: Holy Spirit, help me open the doors of my heart to those in need– physically, spiritually and emotionally. Amen.

Act: Contact a local non-profit that supports refugees. Ask what support you can provide this holiday season.

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