Advent Reflection, Week 2, Day 6

Fair trade

Village children tend to their community garden, a site of food production and HIV education in Cambodia. Photo by David Snyder for CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Today, amidst our second week of preparation for Jesus’ birth, let us set a moment of our busyness aside. We reflect on our “to do’s” for the day. How are they life-giving to us? How are they life-giving to others? Although our lives differ drastically from our others–whether it be our neighbor or a child in the developing world–let us remember the community of life, which
we share. Let us realize that all of us can contribute something.
Today, let us truly be the Body of Christ.

Pray: Lord, guide me to express joy and gratitude throughout my day. Help me recognize your presence surrounding my “everyday-ness”. Amen.

Act: Reflect on CRS’ current news and programming. Remember the people we serve in your prayers today.

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