Advent Reflection: Week 2, Day 4

Kenya trench

Neighbors helping neighbors in Kenya. Photo by David Snyder/CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: In this second week of Advent, the purple candles of the wreath symbolize our waiting for Christ’s coming.  Waiting can be a challenging time, whether it be for an insignificant event, such as being in line at the grocery store, or a life-changing event such as going away to university.  While we wait this Advent, let us wait with others:  our solidarity only strengthens community.  Let our call to Christian compassion put others in the forefront of our Advent.

Pray: A prayer by Father Ed Hays, Catholic priest, poet and founder of the Forest of Peace retreat center:
Grant me a holy communion, a companionship with others,
as I journey homeward to you…Without a community, I can so easily lose the way, can be led astray by illusions of holiness, misguided by my ego’s desires…By this communion of holy ones, may I be daily challenged to greater compassion and charity as I walk the way of the pilgrim.

Act: Copy the “Two Feet of Social Action”.  Place it somewhere where you can see and reflect on it each day.

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