Advent Reflection: Week 2, Day 3

India student

Fair trade coffee workers sorting beans in Nicaragua. Photo by Michael Sheridan/CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Catholic social teaching calls us to be socially responsible citizens. As consumers, we can support the fair trade market of goods; as workers, we are entitled to decent wages and safe working conditions. Contemplate this picture of women working, reflecting on how their work affects people worldwide. Our own lives can be very busy, but in this Advent season, may our lives be busy with acts of charity, prayers of hope and works of love.

Pray: God, we thank you for the many gifts that each of us possess. May those of us that have plenty, effortlessly and lovingly share with those who have less. Amen.

Act: This holiday season, consider gifts that honor another person by supporting organizations that advocate for humanitarian or fair trade causes.

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