Advent Reflection: Week 2, Day 2

India student

In Kenya, an uncommon language, a common humanity. Photo by Kim Burgo/CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Look at the women in this picture: one’s joyful face, reacting to her global sister; their playful affection toward each other. What causes their smiles: simple joy? God’s love for them? the certainty of Christ’s birth? In reality, these women lead two extreme lives–one with first world luxuries, the other in a Kenyan village, without electricity or potable water. As different as their lives may be, their interaction speaks of hope. Today, on this ninth day of Advent, let us carry the image of the women’s’ faces with us. Let us walk toward Christmas with unreasoned joy.

Pray: God, guide me today to share hope with a stranger. Amen.

Act: Practice acts of random (and reticent) kindness today.

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