Advent Reflection: Week 2, Day 1

India student

Two young friends at a Rwanda solidarity camp for Hutu and Tutsi youth. Photo by Steve Rubin for CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: Today begins the second week of Advent. As Catholics, we are called to a sacred path of faithful citizenship in solidarity with the poor. In our daily lives, we can follow our faith by committing to simple acts such as care for the environment, purchasing fair trade coffee, or donating money for the poverty-stricken. Through our actions, both large and small, we can change the desire of our hearts and minds.

Pray: God of justice, install a sense of solidarity within us. Help us realize how our actions affect the global economy. Amen.

Act: In solidarity with those who live in the developing world, eat a meal with others by candlelight tonight. Engage in a roundtable discussion about how first-world actions affect the poor in developing countries.

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