Advent Reflection: Week 1, Day 7

India student

Archbishop Timothy Dolan listens to a young friend read in India. Photo by Amiran White for CRS

Today’s Readings

Reflect: In Juba, South Sudan, an extraordinary event happens each week. Under the shade of a mango tree, the “Women Group Cultivators” radio listening group sits. They listen to a weekly radio address and then discuss their thoughts. “It’s very important to meet together, because if you don’t understand a point, your neighbor can explain it, you can discuss further and you can come to the right understanding,” says group member Mary Yangi. How often do we really sit and engage with others–practicing sacred listening? When we wholeheartedly listen to others, we discover new meaning in the world. Consider making sacred listening part of an everyday practice, especially during these next few weeks of Advent.

Pray: God, help me today to listen with open ears and an empathetic heart. Amen.

Act: Listen and read along to an Ignatian online retreat blog. Today’s selection is, “God’s Compassion Missions Jesus”. Note the thoughtful photo of Sarajevo, Bosnia. (Click here to hear the entry read aloud).

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