Advent Reflection: Week 1, Day 3

Advent 1203

A mother caring for a family member with AIDS. Photo by Sean Sprague/CRS

Today’s Readings

See the face of God in everyone. – St.Catherine L’aboure

Reflect:  Today is World AIDS Day.  AIDS is an enduring disease that embodies no discriminations – every race, gender, class and religion of people are affected.  Let us consciously remember the afflicted and their families. We reflect on their human dignity as children of God, and pray they are blessed with the spiritual nourishment of hope and the physical sustenance of healing.

Pray: On behalf of those who suffer, may we denounce intolerance, advocate awareness, and overcome unjust systems.  May our words and actions be an expression of Jesus’ solidarity with the poor and sick.  Amen.

Act: To see how you can help, visit the CRS World AIDS Day website.

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