Advent Reflection, Day Nine

Tanzania project

A CRS-supported microfinance project in Tanzania: sorting chick peas . Photo by David Snyder for CRS.

Today’s Readings

“All the way to God is God.”
– Saint Catherine of Siena

On this ninth day of Advent, look closely at your hands. Our hands are an integral part of who we are; what an important role they play in how we care for others and ourselves! Our hands may differ vastly in color, texture, and size; yet, for each of us, our hands experience touch in the same way. Through the brushing of hands exchanging money, by holding a child’s hand or in hugging a family member … when we touch another person, we share an intimacy of Christ’s presence. Today, be aware of the many roles your hands play today.

Lord, let me feel your presence today as I share physical presence with a stranger. Amen.

Act: Consider purchasing fair trade products and crafts that are handmade to give as Chrismas gifts this year.

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