Advent Reflection, Day 26: Christmas Day

Afghan mountains

The rolling green mountains of Afghanistan. Photo by Martin Lueders for CRS

Today’s Readings

We are one body, one body in Christ, and we do not stand alone.
– Dana Scallon, an Irish Catholic songwriter

Today we celebrate not only the birth of Jesus, but also the new birth of ourselves as perpetrators of Jesus’ work. May we find peace and Divine happiness in our hearts and minds. May we honor each other and make known our holy desires. In solidarity and remembrance with those suffering throughout the world today, we pray together:

Give us, O God, the vision which can see Your love in the world in spite of human failure.
Give us the faith to trust Your goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness.
Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts.
And show us what each one of us can do to set forward the coming of the day of universal peace.

– Frank Borman, Commander of the Apollo 8 space mission
(Borman, a Christian, is famous for his reading of the Book of Genesis during a TV transmission on Christmas Eve, 1968.)

Act: Listen to or read Pope Benedict’s Vatican Christmas celebration.

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