Advent Reflection, Day 24

water bearers

Thousands of refugees from Kosovo wait for supplies at a camp. Photo by David Snyder for CRS

Today’s Readings

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.
– George Iles, Christian actor

Advent is a time of waiting and patience, in our daily and faithful lives. Our journey could be compared to that of a refugee: traveling many weeks, then arriving at our destination, only to anxiously await the promise of what comes next. For refugees, the arrival is about survival into new life; for Christians, the arrival centers on Christ’s birth and the promise of a God who leads us to new life. As we come closer to December 25th, we remember the rich traditions that accompany our journeys and arrivals and that teach us about our expectations and hopes. Instead of hoping for presents, let us instead hope for presence – giving birth to Christ’s presence in our hearts and in our world. Let us pray for a world that will one day be transformed into a full reflection of the Kingdom of God.

Spirit of God, teach me the holy art of true generosity this Christmas season. Amen.

Act: If you still have last minute shopping, consider giving the gift of hope by purchasing a share of a CRS project through the CRS Gift Catalog. Consider adding the British celebration of Boxing Day to your family’s traditions. This centuries-old holiday originates from the opening of almsgiving boxes in the Church, where the contents are then distributed to neighborhood people such as mail carriers and homebound elderly. Celebrate your twelve days of Christmas with generous acts of hope-filled prayer.

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