Advent Reflection, Day 21

family flees

Migrants arriving home to Honduras after U.S. deportation. Photo by Hilda M. Perez for CRS

Today’s Readings

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”
– Desmond Tutu, a South African Anglican Bishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who dedicates his life to issues of race and poverty

Each day, thousands of migrants around the world enter a new land. The issues surrounding migration are vast, yet an underlying reason for many remains the same: hope of better life. When the Holy Family fled into Egypt, they, too, shared the common struggles of migrants today. CRS supports the rights of people to remain in their country with safety and conditions that uphold human dignity. We also support the rights of those who have little choice but to flee homelands where that safety and dignity is violated. Today let us consider the plight of migrants throughout the world and remember that all of us have needs and possess human dignity.

Spirit of Compassion, bind us together. Amen.

Act: Having spent a week in prayer and solidarity with the migrant, find out how you can get involved with Justice for Immigrants, the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform.

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