Advent Reflection, Day 14

Guatemala toddler

A malnourished toddler from San Marcos, Guatemala. Photo by Rita Villanueva /CRS.

Today’s Readings

“Love is better expressed in deeds rather than in mere words.”
– St. Ignatius

Our life journeys are personal and unique and still each one affects another. Our prayer is their prayer, our air is their air; our souls share the common desire to know and serve God. As we enter into the third week of Advent, let solidarity, fairness, and the promise of hope weave an intricate thread into our thoughts and actions.

Holy Lord, cultivate your spirit within me. Amen.

Act: Consider how your life journey is intertwined with that of others, even people you may never know or see. Consider responding by giving a gift of hope from the CRS Project Catalog in honor of someone who shares your journey very intimately.

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