Advent Reflection, Day 10

Nicaragua coffee

In Nicaragua, women sorting coffee beans for a fair trade project . Photo by Michael Sheridan/CRS.

Today’s Readings

“Don’t worry so much about livelihood. Your livelihood will turn out as it should. Be constantly occupied instead with listening to God.”
– Jelaluddin Rumi

Catholic social teaching calls us to be socially responsible citizens. As consumers, we can support the fair trade market of goods; as workers, we are entitled to decent wages and safe working conditions. While you look at this picture of women working, reflect on how their work affects people worldwide.

God of justice, install a sense of solidarity within us. Help us realize how our actions affect the global economy. Amen.

Act: Become aware of the dignity of work and how workers in other regions of the world are connected to us by viewing “Solidarity in a Cup,” a multimedia story about how the coffee bean gets to our cup of coffee!

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