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Action Alert: Famine Grips East Africa, Floods Ravage South Asia

What’s the issue? Your Catholic faith teaches you to protect people who are hungry, thirsty, seeking refuge and care. Life-saving poverty-focused international assistance that fights hunger, disease and makes communities facing natural disasters more resilient, such as those in East Africa and South Asia, makes up less than 1% of the U.S. federal budget. However, Congress is considering proposals right now that would drastically cut assistance to people in dire need. While our nation’s leaders must address unsustainable deficits, you need to speak up now in support of poverty-focused international assistance so that life-changing and life-saving interventions can continue to help our brothers and sisters who need it most. 12 million people in East Africa who are facing starvation right now are relying on your voice and our nation’s leadership to save their lives.

Why now? Congress and the President are now negotiating and making decisions about final funding levels for the FY 2012 federal budget, which began on October 1 and how to deal with our nation’s deficits in the long-term. Your action is particularly important now because the funding levels for FY 2012 will become the template for decisions about how much the U.S. invests in life-saving poverty-focused assistance for the next decade. Poverty-focused international assistance doesn’t have a large, vocal constituency unless you speak up now. Don’t make this lifesaving assistance one of the easiest areas for your elected officials to cut in the federal budget even though it’s less than 1% of the budget.

Will my one action make a difference? Yes! Your voice made a difference earlier this year when we limited cuts to these life-saving accounts. Congress and the President respond to the input of their constituents. Your voice, along with many others in support of our brothers and sisters around the world, can and will protect poverty-focused international assistance.

What Else Can I Do?
• E-mail your friends and family members and ask them to make a call.
• Spread the word via Twitter using the common hashtag #cutscostlives. Visit our blog for sample tweets.
• Spread the word via Facebook by posting a message on your Facebook page. Visit our blog for sample posts.
• Write a letter to the editor in your diocesan and local newspaper. Call your diocesan communications department or the CRS communications office for assistance.
• Visit your members of Congress’ local office to talk about these issues. Call your CRS regional office for assistance.

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Spread the world via Twitter using the common hashtag #cutscostlives.

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Spread the word via Facebook by posting a message on your Facebook page.

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