6 Days in Post-Quake Sumatra

Laura Sheahen, CRS regional information officer, recently visited quake-ravaged Sumatra. Her impressions, published here in Busted Halo, paint a picture of danger, humor, tragedy, courage, privation and determination.

From the story:

After a long drive back to the city, I have to get a cab to find a cell phone voucher store, so my phone will work. At least one such store is open, lit up by a generator’s power. I see newspapers with the latest headline: The government has made official what has been tacit for days, and called off the search for survivors.

Returning to the compound, I start getting out of the taxi. One sneaker is on the ground when suddenly the cab jerks forward half a foot, dragging me awkwardly. “Hey,” I tell the driver pointlessly, not knowing Bahasa, “I’m still here!” He gives me a strange sheepish look. I get out and pay him.

Five minutes later at the compound, a colleague says, “We just had a little earthquake. Did you feel it?”

Full story at Busted Halo.

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