Reader Question: What Are Your Living Arrangements Like?

From Joe: What are your living arrangements like? What do you do for fun after your days work is done?

I live in Dakar and, to be honest with you, have a nicer apartment than any place I’ve ever lived. I have Wifi, the electricity is reliable, and have three of the nicest security guards you’ve ever met. Ibrahim, Seck and Yousuf invite me for tea, are always up for a chat and a joke, and are never, ever in a bad mood.

After work, I run along the road that snakes its way around the city, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I also sometimes help coach a wheelchair basketball team. The men are beggars in Dakar during the day, but have formed a team that practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thanks for your question,
– Lane Hartill, CRS West Africa

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